The Fall Creek Brass Band’s headwaters are found in the funky beats, groovy bass lines, and hot licks hidden in the hills in the outskirts of Tompkins County. The waters of Fall Creek flow, at times slow and meandering and at times raucous and untethered, carrying this miasma of groove to Ithaca and surrounding towns where it infects the local population with an inescapable need to dance, sing, smile, and laugh. When the party ends, the waters of Fall Creek evaporate to travel back to their hilltop homes to rejuvenate their funk juices for the next party.

Originally formed at Dryden High School a decade ago, FCBB has experienced a lot of evolution in that time. Graduation from high school dispersed the band’s original members far and wide and the band played only a handful of times in the past few years. However, a new cadre of Ithaca’s and Cortland’s funk masters have joined the band and Fall Creek has found itself reinvigorated with new life.

In their inexhaustible effort to get the world up and shaking that groove thing, the Fall Creek Brass Band plays a wide variety of dance music from traditional New Orleans tunes to funk, hip-hop to rock and roll. Fall Creek can also be heard on their albums, Mad Fun and Fat Beats.


(recent regulars in bold):


Malik Clanton, Tim Fuchs, Allie Young, Archie Cowen, Clara Gallagher, Miles Merwin


Kevin Drew, Ashley Jackson


Jymmy Hayes, Jon Easton


Chris Armitage, Ashley Ickes, Jon Mead, David Dahle, Devin Jewell, Ian Cummings


Bob McMahon, Mike Treat, Ian Bateman, Jimmy Rose, Remanu Steele, David Wakeman, Elliot McConnell, Jack Storer, Sean Nostrand, Greg Crispell, Liam Lowe


Matt Lowe, Elliot Mangini, Mike Nave, Adam Philips-Burge, Jessie Miglus, TJ Schaper, Dan Wenger, Dave Davies, Jeff Chilton, Marcel Merwin, Brian Wakeman, Hannah Knight

Alto Sax

Alec Staples, Chris Miley